Mark Grant HDX1 Pure Copper audio cables – Stereo pair

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The new HDX1 cable is in stock and ready.

An updated version of the G1000HD range of cables made with higher purity copper and a new connector design.

The connectors have gold plated contacts and a full round ground contact for a great connection with low resistance.

The price is for a stereo pair of cables, that is two cables, one for the left channel and one for the right channel.

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This cable was awarded a Hi-Fi choice magazine 5 star review and won a recommended badge in the August 2017 edition of the magazine.

This is built with a single solid core made with pure copper and two layers of pure copper screening and a translucent cable jacket.

The build quality is as you would expect from everything we make ourselves absolutely 100% perfect.

The connectors fit perfectly and the cable and connector combination has been carefully chosen to work together perfectly.

The connectors have been chosen as they are low mass and high contact area, most other low mass connectors have minimal contact area especially on the ground contact. The connectors are also outstanding build quality and also a very reasonable price which means we can offer a high performance cable at a low price.

We can make these cables to any length you need and usually the same day so please ask if you need a length that is not listed.

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10 reviews for Mark Grant HDX1 Pure Copper audio cables – Stereo pair

  1. Neil M (verified owner)

    True Hi End Cable at bargain priceI have a professional Teac Reference headphone system and had previously used Mark’s Canare interconnect cables, which are a professional standard. I decided to take a chance on the new HDX1 cables and I’m glad I did so. The cables are an OFC Co-Ax type with excellent gold Puresonic connectors. It is superior in every way to standard Canare. The treble gives you every hi end detail, and the bass is powerful & refined controlling even the lowest bass notes. The mid range is stupendous, giving a wide 3D soundstage and very clear vocal & instrumental definition. Even with pro gear the sound is never less than magically musical playing Hendrix, Dolphy or Boulez with equal aplomb. Highly Recommended

  2. Josie L

    Impressive.Recently got a set of these. First of all the sound is superb, really excellent. Clear with excellent detail. Very natural indeed. The build quality is, well… you just can’t get better for the price. The plugs are robust and very high quality. If you care about your music you need to try these. Highly recommended.

  3. Edward B (verified owner)

    Astonishing value quality RCA cables. I’ve had many high end brand cables in the past and I have to say the Mark Grant HDX1 analogue interconnects are a cut above. A very “analogue” sound, great detail, subtlety and musicality. I compared these with cables costing around 8 times the price… and the HDX1 interconnects were in my opinion clearly better. I read a review that their predecessor went head to toe with some very expensive cables. I would not be surprised. Go try these cables – you have nothing to lose. Just make sure you give them at least a couple of weeks of play to bed in. They need a decent burn in as I found them a touch crude to begin with…. and then “wow”!!!

  4. Andy T (verified owner)

    Whilst these may still have a little more running in to do, I’m so impressed I simply had to post this.

    I found these cables on a chatroom website and at £58.00 and 30 day return, I felt I couldn’t go far wrong. I’d also seen a review (there aren’t many) that compared them with some very expensive cables. At a 20th the price I felt even more confident this would be a good decision. Am I glad I did. The tonal balance is superb from top top bottom and the stereo image is to die for. In addition, they don’t present a group as a collection of individual player as some other cables can do but as a coherent group. They have also been described as “analogue” in nature and I’d also agree with that in the most positive way.

    Frankly, even though cables can be very system sensitive, you deserve it to yourself to try these. What have you got to loose?

  5. Terry Swain (verified owner)

    Wow! Super fast delivery, well packaged, well made product.
    Even from the first few seconds of using these cables It was blindingly apparent that they were, in my system at least outstanding. I’m looking forward to hearing what they sound like after a few hours of run in. Highly recommended.

  6. Kevin Ducksbury

    I purchased a pair of HDX1s a year ago (May 2019) and they have stayed in my system ever since (connecting source player to amp). I’m very pleased with them.

    A bit of background… I’d been playing around with interconnects for a while and was in real danger of being sucked into what some would think of as silly money. When my search started, I was already using a pair of RCA interconnects costing over £300 (more than 5x the HDX1s) and was never really convinced. Having been tempted to move up the ladder to even more expensive cables, I had a stroke of luck. The manufacturer blotted its copybook by making plainly unsubstantiated claims and it put me off. So, I started looking for alternatives. Initially, I found (and bought) a pair that were a shade over 2x the cost of the HDX1s. In fairness, they were pretty decent and certainly better (for me) than the £300 cables.

    Then… by pure chance, I was idly perusing a couple of hi-fi forums and stumbled across a thread where MG’s cables were mentioned. Following a bit of homework, I decided just to take a punt. At half the cost of the second set of cables, there really wasn’t much to lose and, so the thinking went, “You just never know…”. As my opening para suggests, the rest is history. The HDX1s stayed, easily ousting the interconnects costing 5x and, although closer, edging ahead on personal preference the interconnects costing 2x.

    Burn-in / running in etc. When I first heard about this a few years ago, I laughed. Out loud. A lot. Then I had a series of cables where the audio did (sometimes) change with hours on the clock. It’s not about “belief”; it happened. At the time, I was shocked. By the time I got the HDX1s, I was ready for it. There was definitely an element of change but not as pronounced as with other cables I’d had. Mainly, the audio went from “ok” to “thin” to “boomy” to “ok” and then, at around the 30hr mark in my case, they settled and…

    Audio presentation… after burn-in. As others have said, the HDX1s help to convey music, well, musically. IMO, neutral, natural, uncoloured, full, rich, detailed are all terms that can properly be applied. In short, if the boxes (e.g. source / amp etc) are producing great output, that is what the HDX1s will conduct. They won’t overemphasise bottom end and they won’t make higher frequencies sound shrieky. If those characteristics are there, it’s what is being produced by the source material and/or the electronics in the boxes.

    Added bonus to me… A UK maker and supplier of cables at sensible prices – I just wish I’d heard of MG’s business earlier.

    For info, I’ve since purchased a pair of XLRs to connect a preamp to a pair of monoblocks and have been just as happy as with the HDX1s.

  7. Mark Collins (verified owner)

    This cable replaced a £300 interconnect that had been in my system for a few years. From the instant it was installed I was blown away by the extra clarity and dynamics. A true bargain!

  8. Chris Evans (verified owner)

    Excellent cables, just got a third set, so now use two pairs for my SUT and phono stage (Puresound) and the other set for my Marantz 6006 UK edition cd player.

    I have an original pair of the GHD1000 and the HDX1 is significant improvement with an extra clarity and focus + better sense of transparency over the older cable.
    Outstanding value for money.

  9. simon (verified owner)

    Wow, worth every penny and then some!

    0.75m pair purchased to upgrade from an older but reasonable quality mid-range Cambridge Audio interlink used between NAD C368 & C268 amplifiers – bi-amping B&W 606 anniversary edition speakers – from the first few notes the quality of the HDX1 was obvious, even before any sort of burn-in I was hearing details in the music that were completely lost before. A week or so later (20-30 hrs listening) they improved even further and the grin is still on my face! The downside is I’ve now got a huge library of vinyl, CDs and digital music that I need to find time to re-listen to find out what I was missing!

    I’ll definitely be ordering the digital version to use between my CD transport and DAC/amp to see if that can improve the on the Chord one I’m currently using.

  10. John Gardner (verified owner)

    I’ve been using one of Mark’s older cables the G1500HD, it’s sat between my phono amp and preamp for years sounding great without a second thought. But I’ve had an itch to try Mark’s latest, I know the copper used in the HDX1 is purer and it has different connections, but would it sound much different? Well straight out of the box it sounded crude as in not smooth or natural, gone was the depth to the soundstage, there was blurring in the lower mids and upper bass compared to the g1500hd. Reading through the other reviews I noticed that many mentioned that some burn in is required with the cable opening up and sounding at it’s best after 30hrs plus. So I decided to leave it in my system and see how it pans out, I’m very glad I did. The soundstage depth is back and the sound has become balanced and natural, is it better than the older cable? Yes I think it is, switching between the older cable and the new, there is more detail from the HDX1 giving a richer tonality, all my records sound more natural giving instruments and vocals a better sense of realism, I am having to enjoy all my favourite recordings again. Now I’m not talking night and day, the older cable is very good and I’ll be keeping it as a spare, but the newer cable I would say has given me an improvement of a few percent in all areas, doesn’t sound like a lot but those small difference’s has added to my enjoyment of listening to music for very little outlay, thanks Mark

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