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Mark Grant – DSP 2.5 Dual Screened power cable

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  • High performance three core 2.5 mm fully shielded mains cable.
  • Silver Plated MK 655 Toughplug.
  • Silver plated Bussmann fuse.
  • Silver plated Martin Kaiser 794 IEC connector.

High performance three core 2.5 mm fully shielded mains cable.

High purity copper conductors.

Tightly twisted core construction – more twists per foot than any ‘off the shelf’ power cable.

High quality shielding consisting of clear mylar polyster film, a dual over lapped layer of aluminium foil and then dense tinned copper braid.

Extremely flexible high quality clear outer jacket.

Fitted with MK silver plated Toughplug and high quality Martin Kaiser silver plated IEC connector to fit most AV equipment etc.

Designed to achieve maximum performance at a realistic price.

This is a custom designed and built cable, you cannot buy this cable anywhere else. This is NOT ‘CY’ or ‘SY’ off the shelf cable, it is a custom design.

Every cable is hand assembled and tested in our own workshop in Yorkshire. The only way you will know if this can make a difference to your system is to try at home, you are welcome to return cables for refund within 30 days, so try at home and decide. It is very rare that anyone returns a cable.

Customer comment from David (UK).

Hello Mark,

Felt I had to let you know how pleased I am with the two mains cables I recently purchased from you. I’ve had them in my system now for three days and the improvement in clarity and overall sound is superb.
I can’t get my head around the science of mains cables and I must admit to first being a bit sceptical but from the initial install the improvement was really noticeable.
The build quality like the canare interconnects I recently bought from you is first class.
Sometime in the future I might be tempted to try your new G1000HD interconnects but at present I’m more than happy with how your cables have improved my system.

Many thanks for your excellent products as well as excellent service.


A high quality product.



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1 review for Mark Grant – DSP 2.5 Dual Screened power cable

  1. Vic W (verified owner)

    Excellent, really excellent. I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to things like power cables but the
    option to try and return tempted me to part with my cash after I’d
    bought and kept some RCA HDX phono leads from Mark that were stunningly
    Well, I’m also keeping the power leads too. Its added a new dimension to
    the sound, can’t put my finger on it but its simply better, better
    treble, better stereo imagery, thumper bass, in small but appreciated amounts. Generally more focus.
    (Creek Evolution 50A, amp, Creek Evolution 50 CD, Sonos, Rega RP6 with
    Ortofon 2M black, Focal Aria 906 Van Damme 2.5 speaker cablespeakers, in case anyone is wondering.)

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