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Van Damme 6mm Hi-Fi Speaker Cable UP-LCOFC – Terminated

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Van Damme 6mm Hi-Fi Speaker Cable with connectors fitted.

The cable Van Damme Product Code: VDC 268-506-000.

Choose the connectors you require in the drop down box.

The connectors direction is from Amplifier towards the Speakers.

Ask if you cant find the connectors you need.

The price is for a single cable so you can order any lengths you need.


High end domestic hi-fi cables.
Professional studio near field monitoring.

Application notes:-

Shotgun construction for easy conductor separation and identification.
Speaker cables have ultra fine 0.10mm conductors with 7 way plait construction to minimise the skin effect.
Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity.


Overall diameter – 16.00 x 6.00mm.
Conductor stranding – 7 x (3x 73 x 0.10mm).
Conductor resistance Ohm/Km – 3.30

Van Damme Product Code: VDC 268-506-000.

Weight N/A

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4 reviews for Van Damme 6mm Hi-Fi Speaker Cable UP-LCOFC – Terminated

  1. Will T

    PerfectAlthough Van Damme speaker cables are pretty inexpensive, they’re used in the some of the world’s most expensive and prestigious studios.

    They just use ultra pure copper and nothing else. No snake oil or questionable marketing.

    I wouldn’t use anything else.

  2. Shaun H (verified owner)

    Cables arrive meticulously packed, no fancy package but so carefully done that your immediately aware to this guy’s attention to detail, TBH I purchased these with a some what blasé attitude, at this price , I thought well worth a punt, I was already using a well known cable that cost me considerly more.These cables in some respects are an improvement . The first most noticeable is the soundstage has improved considerably, the top end I initially thought to be too lively, but in fact it’s just very detailed, Ronnie Earls amp can clearly be heard to be compressing and is exciting. Bass although a little flabby on some recordings is tuneful and never sounded better through KEF floor standers, midrange again on vocals is for me perfect.all very subjective as usual and gear dependent, but for me they are well enough balanced. I won’t be changing.

  3. David Ford

    After moving things around my old speaker cable would not reach so I started looking for new cables. My first thought was just to get the same cable again but it is no longer made. Having bought a few cables from Mark in the past I always check what he has available to see if it fits my needs. I was unsure whether to go for this or more expensive brand but figured I had nothing to lose giving it a try.

    As I’ve moved the speakers (B&W CM1 stand mount) to a new position and they’re now further from the wall it was hard to do an exact comparison. My initial impression were that this cable had more soundstage, better midrange and more bass but I felt it was lacking in the treble. After a while of using it I got my old cable out and ran it across the middle of the room so it would reach. Expecting that to be better than this Van Damme cable I was shocked to find that there was a noticeable (but not huge) difference In favour of the Van Damme. The old cable sounded more compressed and didn’t have the extra treble that I thought it would have.

    So a good buy and cheaper than the previous cable it replaced (and the other one I was considering). My only minor gripe is that the banana plugs are rather thin so they don’t fit very well into the speaker terminals (I usually remove the protective caps on the back of the terminals and plug the cables in that way).

    Now to try some of Mark’s HDX1 stereo cables….

  4. Robert Cole (verified owner)

    After countless recommendations I decided to purchase a 3m pair of these cables, for what an audiophile deems to be ‘pocket change’. Out came the much more expensive cables, in went these.

    Whoa! What a difference! So much weight; heavier bass but not at the expense of clarity of bass. Clean and transparent all the way from top to bottom, there’s nothing that isn’t presented in a balanced way. The width and depth of the presentation just has to be applauded. I’m astonished by them frankly.

    They look basic, albeit well made and very well terminated by Mark, but don’t let those simple looks fool you – these are seriously good cables at any price. After years of messing about with cables expensive enough to cause one to burst into tears, I’ve never been more satisfied. There’ll be some eBaying going on over the next few days I feel.

    Grand stuff, and definitely worth auditioning in your system for what amounts to the cost of a few pints of beer. Nice one Mark! Your recommendations are indeed worthy.

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