Stereo Cables

Analogue audio cables available in stereo pairs. Also available in 5, 6 and 7 multiway cable sets for SACD or multi channel outputs from AV processors to power amplifiers.

Enjoy The have posted a review of the G1000HD cable. Read the full review here:

A few comments from the review:-

"Music is portrayed with a substance that other cables I've heard have rarely achieved".
"Certainly none of the cables I had on hand to compare could offer anything like the substantial sound of the G1000HD. Good levels of detail help provide excellent imaging and soundstage".
"This cable will not voice your system to be anything other what it is already; the cable is neutral, natural and substantial sounding whilst letting more music through than most other cables I know".

Conclusion "I'll keep it simple. Buy this cable". - Clive Meakins - Enjoy The

Adventures in High Fidelity have posted a review of the G1000HD cables - read the full review here:

A few comments from the review:-

"So overall what do we have here? Well what we have is, with the caveat of “if it suits your system”, is a rare thing in audio, an item that punches so far above it's price point as to be a genuine stone cold bargain. It has been a long time since I have come across such a thing and it has been both a pleasure and a revelation to do so during this review".

"I therefore award the very first AIHFA Amazing Value Award to the Mark Grant G1000HD 1m interconnect cable". - Neil - Adventures in High Fidelity

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